Transcript of the #HangoutWithEfiwe Tweetchat with Seun Kuti

Transcript of the #HangoutWithEfiwe Tweetchat with Seun Kuti
December 13, 2017 Paul Olubayo

So we had a Tweetchat with Legendary Seun Kuti today and below is a transcript of how the chat went:

UNILAG EFIWE: How would you describe yourself?

SEUN KUTI: A father and musician and a nationalist patriot

UNILAG_EFIWE: Nice. Can you walk us through your music making process?

SEUN KUTI: I hear my sound in my head and as a musician, I work hard to turn that into good music.

UNILAG_EFIWE: What would you say is the most beautiful thing music has given you?

SEUN KUTI: Music has given me a platform for my passion

UNILAG EFIWE: How long have you been passionate about music; and would you say growing up as the son of the Abàmì Ẹ̀dá himself, @felakuti influenced this passion?

SEUN KUTI: Yes definitely, I always wanted to be a musician; that’s why I have been playing since I was 8 years old

UNILAG EFIWE: How does it feel leading the Egypt 80 band, a band previously led by Fela? And has being the man in charge of the band been a blessing or a burden for you?

SEUN KUTI: I’m fulfilling a duty to my father’s legacy and ancestral name; being able to achieve that is a blessing to me, not a burden.

UNILAG EFIWE: Wow. You just recently dropped a song with @SantanaCarlos titled Black Times, what informed the collaboration and should we be anticipating more international collaborations?

SEUN KUTI: We both share this mutual respect and admiration for each other’s music so working together wasn’t a problem. And yes, expect more international collaboration.

UNILAG EFIWE: Does it mean we should be expecting a major body of work soon? An album or EP? And are you looking at collaborating with other local artistes- Nigerian/African origin? If yes, any names?

SEUN KUTI: Well, the EP is out with the first single, Black Times. The main album will be out March 2018. There would also be collaborations with local acts but I’m not keen on revealing names. Remember also that I currently have 14 Nigerian musicians playing with me. That should count.

UNILAG EFIWE: So what do you do when you are not making music and do you feel any pressure being the son of @felakuti?

SEUN KUTI: Whatever the god does inside, stays inside. Plus I’m 34 years and I’ve been a son of Fela all my life, whatever people say is none of my business.

UNILAG EFIWE: Do you think the likes of @wizkidayo, @iam_Davido, @MaleekBerry are continuing in the @felakuti legacy?

SEUN KUTI: D entirety of Fela’s legacy is in his message

UNILAG EFIWE: Any final words for upcoming artistes?

SEUN KUTI: Work hard, keep being you and always be part of the solution, not the problem.

UNILAG EFIWE: Thank You for your time. We can’t wait for the album dropping next year


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