TRACE Live with Omawumi—Excellence of Omawumi’s Artistry

TRACE Live with Omawumi—Excellence of Omawumi’s Artistry
June 23, 2017 Paul Olubayo
omawumi - Butterflies

Talk about glam and class—but it was not just the quality of guests that turned up

for Trace Live held at the popular Terra Kulture, it was also the quality of pure artistry displayed by lead act, Omawumi at the event put together by TRACE TV, Cabal Entertainment and Bolanle Austen-Peters, to promote Omawumi’s third studio album “Timeless”  produced by Cobhams Asuquo.

As the stage roared to life, powered by Omawumi’s killer vocals, guests sat back to absorb the entire performance, from notes to tone, lyrics to beat, lights to ambience. Omawumi first rolled out some of her new tracks then switched to her classics. She opened the night with Don’t Matter, a song she had written on a plane, while on her way from South-Africa and the song, like most other songs of the night was an eclectic mix of Jazz and Afropop. The night took a turn of introspection when Omawumi rendered the emotional Butterfly, a song she had written to lift anyone feeling down and out by circumstances or experiences. And who broke Omawumi’s heart? Well, she refused to share with us as she sang Heart Break.

Omawumi lifted the night not just with her music but also with her engaging interactions in between songs. She reeled out in full colour of language; blending Queen’s and Nigerian pidgin English to give the audience insight into the inspiration and thoughts behind each song performed. Guests were thrilled the most listening to the inspiration behind the song Dolapo, inspired by her husband’s ex. With Dolapo, Omawumi put on a different shade of her music ingenuity; she reincarnated the spirit of Nina Simone.

A notable high point of the night was her cover of one of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s classics, under the title Ololufe, which she dedicated to her husband. Her voice sweet as honey dripped from the lyrics, and it is quite certain that her husband who was in the audience would have been left mesmerized. She elevated the night’s experience with covers of her classics In the Music and If You Ask Me, the former being a dancehall rendition that got audiences swaying and rocking from side to side. With this song, she also showed off the class and quality of her instrumentalists. And with the signature 007 theme displayed on the screen during the performance of If You Ask Me, Omawumi couldn’t have better said she killed the night just like the famous super spy James Bond.

Omawumi’s performance created a music experience that was unique to her class. Few could have made music so artistic and enjoyable leaving the audience thrilled and expectant for more but the Warri babe in Omawumi was too smart for that. She told everyone “you want more? Go get the album.”


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