On The Spotlight: Nancee Kyong

On The Spotlight: Nancee Kyong
September 12, 2017 Paul Olubayo

Hi guys,

It’s with great pleasure we introduce to you, our latest addition to the ever growing and vibrant 5ive Music family.


Nancee Kyong

Nancee Kyong is a renowned contemporary Soul Rnb Gospel singer, Song writer, Poet and Dance coach, her main aim and goal in music is to impact and win souls for christ through her music.

Nancee happens to be a royal blood, a tree branch of ” THE HAM” people, specifically from the magnificent Art history of ancient civilization called the Nok Cultural heritage.

She was born and brought up in Kaduna in the 80’s and took a discipline in Accountancy from Nuba Polytechnic Zaria.

Nancy started music in the year 2000 while in her school’s choir, after which she proceeded to join her church choir.

She, alongside her friends formed a group called “The Angels ” in 2003. This was shortlived as they split up after High school. A year later she got herself engaged in a few dance and music groups.

Professionally Nancee started music in 2009; released her first single track in 2012 and other few promotional singles such as: Hold me, Yesu, The Light, Sabi Sabi,and Hallelujah (Hausa version) Alexandra Burke cover, She got an Award in 2014 (GOMAWARDS) “HOLD ME” as Soul RnB Song of the Year 2014.

Connect with Nancee across all social media platforms:

Instagram :- @iamNanceeKyong

Twitter:- @iamNanceeKyong

Facebook:- Nancee Kyong 

Fa‎cebook Fan page:- NANCEE 



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