5ive Minutes With The King of The New Sound, OmoIyabode

5ive Minutes With The King of The New Sound, OmoIyabode
January 10, 2018 Paul Olubayo
Full Name: Olaleye Olabode
DOB: January 10 1991
Genre: Folk. Afro Pop. Soul. Juju
I started music as a small boy  in my church choir. My  late dad, who had a great influence on my career, was the church Music Director
He was a great songwriter and so it’s safe to say I got the music from him.
I started playing drums since 10 and moved to playing the bass guitar.
Asa’s music greatly inspired me to start singing professionally even though I was already playing in church and at gigs.
So I discovered Asa’s music and got myself an acoustic guitar and I self-taught myself.
I started writing my own music, experimented different sounds before I was able to finally find myself and sound.
Lola oluwa is my first single and I got the song in the place of prayer after I was so broke and depressed.
I picked up my guitar and I started putting the song together. It’s a song of hope and prayer; so I want lola oluwa to communicate people’s heart cry and prayer to God.
I really don’t have an artist that inspires my music but I have artist that I respect.
I respect their hustling spirit and level of success. I saw them starting from the scratch and I see where they are now and that inspires me a lot!
Future project: I came into 2018 with a hustling spirit; so yea, I would be releasing a whole lot of my materials this year and hopefully some collaborations.
I really would love to work with Asa someday.
I am a multi instrumentalist, though bass guitar is my favorite. I play the acoustic guitar, piano and drums too.
Fun fact:  I taught myself the acoustic guitar


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